cash NOUN 1) money in coins or notes. 2) money as an available resource: he was always short of cash.
VERB 1) give or obtain notes or coins for (a cheque or money order). 2) (cash in) convert (an insurance policy, savings account, etc.) into money. 3) (cash in on) informal take advantage of (a situation). 4) (cash up) Brit. count and check takings at the end of a day's trading.
cash down — Cf. ↑cash down
cash in one's chips — Cf. ↑cash in one's chips
cash in hand — Cf. ↑cash in hand
DERIVATIVES cashable adjective cashless adjective.
ORIGIN originally denoting a box for money: from Old French casse, from Latin capsa 'box, receptacle' .

English terms dictionary. 2015.